The owners and management of James Machine Works, LLC have committed to providing a healthful work environment for all employees. It is JMW's policy to manage and conduct operations and business in a manner that offers maximum protection to each and every employee and any other person that may be affected by our operations and business. It is our absolute conviction that we have the responsibility to provide a safe and healthful work environment, and we make every effort to provide a working environment that is free from any recognized or potential hazard. JMW has committed to allocate and provide all the resources needed to promote and effectively implement an accident prevention plan. We have established avenues to solicit and receive comments, information, and assistance from employees about safety and health.
There is nothing more important than getting our employees and subcontractors home safely every day. Everyone has the right to challenge anyone or anything if they think safety is compromised.  As part of our committment to safety, James Machine Works is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

JMW also believes that by creating an organizational culture that reflects this belief, we substantially benefit our clients. Working safely is a condition of employment and we emphasize the importance of doing the job correctly by using the proper tools and following all safety procedures. We make safety a major part of the employee incentive program. 

 JMW has achieved significant advancement in our safety performance through the years and we remain focused on our ultimate goal of achieving an injury-free work environment.  JMW is a proud member of the National Fire Protection Association.
JMW has been awarded the Safest 70 Award by LWCC for 2 consecutive years.  In January, 2015 JMW was designated a SHARP qualified manufacturer by OSHA.  There are only 17 SHARP qualified companies in the state of Louisiana and only 1 in NE Louisiana, James Machine Works.

Safety is its own reward and JMW is A SAFE PLACE TO WORK.



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